Sean Finn, Social Value Assistant

“Making a meaningful impact is a key part of my role”

Sean Finn, Social Value Assistant

Fresh from a degree in Environmental Science, Sean found himself looking for a role that would satisfy his passion for sustainability. He spotted a graduate trainee position at Vistry Partnerships, landed the role and, just six months in, has been promoted to Social Value Assistant.

Sean’s role is broad and varied and sees him working across a huge range of initiatives, from bumblebee conservation to working with schools, which enhances the local communities in which Vistry works.

Social value is about giving something back to the community, above and beyond what is expected. These initiatives can relate to the environment, local people and the wellbeing of employees. The nature of the role means it’s really diverse, I can find myself talking to bumblebee experts one day and giving a talk in a school the next. Making a meaningful impact is hugely important to me when it comes to my work.

Strong writing skills are key in Sean’s role as is a passion for making a difference. The vast range of people and organisations that Sean deals with means skills in communication are vital. As well as creating and driving forward the initiatives, Sean’s role involves analysis and reporting to ensure the projects have the intended impact and that they deliver on objectives.

Sean says:

Social value is about real and measurable change and what we include as a proposal in tenders has to be practical and deliverable. This requires a good understanding of what is achievable and realistic and what is going to benefit the specific community in which we are working. Research and listening are key skills for this.

As the importance of social value in construction grows Sean is keen to remain in this sector.

Sean’s advice to anyone considering a career in the construction industry?

Keep an open mind and find a role that you are passionate about. There is so much variety. Ultimately, all of the roles are part of a bigger ecosystem where we are all working towards a common goal. It’s a nice feeling. Determination is key and, whatever role you go for in construction, people skills and problem-solving skills will always be important.